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Medical Massage Therapy

Did you know that medical massage therapy is recognized as one of the oldest healing arts, with documented records dating back 3,000 years? The practice uses several applied forms to relieve many ailments, including joint and circulatory problems as well as chronic conditions. Where else can you spend your working hours in soft lighting, listening to soothing music and possibly using scents for relaxation? The benefits of medical massage therapy include flexible hours, calm work environments and a job that is focused entirely on health and relaxation.

You can learn the skills of manipulating the muscles and soft tissues of clients to produce relaxation, improved health and other benefits. You will be introduced to several types of massage and can learn the techniques of building a client base to grow a business or work in conjunction with other therapists.

With Daymar College's Medical Massage Therapy diploma program, you can gain the education and skills you need to perform various modalities of medical massage therapy, including sports, pre-natal, therapeutic, Swedish, hot stone and hydrotherapy massages. You'll also review Eastern and Western massage therapy history and can learn about spa therapies, reflexology and kinesiology, law, ethics and professionalism, among other topics.

With our Medical Massage Therapy program, you can prepare to work in a variety of settings to both address health issues and help alleviate the stress and tension of everyday living. The program utilizes relevant instructional methods and materials to help prepare you for state and national examinations. Whether you want to add to or establish your professional credentials, our instructors can help.

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